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Friday, December 9, 2016

Berlin Muffed Tumbler ( Berliner Langlatschiger Tümmler )

Berliner Langlatschiger Tümmler
Berliner Langlatschiger Tümmler - Culbutant de Berlin pattu - Berlin Muffed Tumbler
The Berlin muffed Tumbler - also known by the names: Culbutant berlinois Pattu, Berliner Langlatschige Tümmler, Berlinese Calzato, Берлинский «шляпочный» турман - a variety that was developed in Berlin (Germany) but it is not known exactly when the onset, most likely since mid 18th century. Varieties are classified into type this tumbler pigeons, believed to be the result of crosses from Denmark to race pigeon race from the Netherlands

Culbutant de Berlin pattu

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Polish Beauty Homer

Voyageur Polonais
Polnische Schönheitsbrieftaube - Voyageur Polonais - Polish Beauty Homer
The polish beauty homer currently stands in the recognition process in Germany as a Polish exhibition cover. It is a fairly quiet and breed-breed breed from our neighboring country, which is present there to the exhibitions with collections of up to 100 pigeons in different colors. In Germany, we have concentrated on the color strokes of light blue with black bandages, blauschimmel, rotfahl with bandages and dominant red. At the 115th Lipsia and 60.VDT-Show 2011 in Leipzig, the light blue and red pahlen were recognized.

Polish Beauty Homer

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marchenero Pouter ( Buchon Marchenero )

Buchon Marchenero - cropper pigeons - spanish pigeons
Marchenero Kröpfer  - Boulant Marchenero - Marchenero Pouter  - Buchon Marchenero
The Marchenero Pouter pigeons- or also known by the names: Boulant Marchenero, Marchenero Kröpfer, Gozzuto Marchenero, Марченеро - a variety that originated from Spain, and is known as one of the ancient race which has been bred since nearly 1,000 years ago (some records shows an estimate in the 13th century), which is believed to be a race that is brought in from outside, especially through his ancestor known as pigeon Calitejo. Varieties are classified as type Cropper is very popular, both in the area of ​​origin as well as in various countries in Europe. Also informed that this variety is very great aviator, strong and can fly quite a long time. In a further development, recognized as a pigeon with a dazzling appearance.
Marchenero Pouter

buchon - pouter - pigeons

Monday, December 5, 2016

Blagodar Tumbler ( Благодарненский Турман )

Благодарненский Турман
Blagodarer Tümmler  - Claqueur de Blagodarny - Blagodar Tumbler - Благодарненский Турман
The Blagodar Tumbler - or also known by the names: Claqueur de Blagodarny, Blagodarer Tümmler, Capitombolante in Blagodar, Благодарненские бойные - a fancy pigeon coming from Stavropol and Blagodar (Russia, south), which was developed since 1790. varieties are classified into types is expected tumbler is a race that was originally brought from Turkey, which later developed into a tumbler Caucasian race. This variety is known as one of the best pigeons for pleasure because of the beauty appearance.

Claqueur de Blagodarny

Blagodar Tumbler

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dresden Trumpeter pigeons ( Dresdner Trommeltaube )

trumpeter pigeons - muffed trumpeter pigeons - yellow pigeons - Tambour de Dresde
Dresdner Trommeltaube - Tambour de Dresde - Dresden Trumpeter
The Dresden Trumpeter pigeons- or also known by the names: Tambour de Dresde, Dresdner Trommeltaube, Tamburo in dresda, Дрезденский барабанщик - is a variety that comes from Saxony, parts of Dresden (Germany), but it is not known since when varieties are classified as Type Trumpeter pigeons they unfold, only expected in the mid- to late 1800s. This variety has the ability to fly is pretty good, but now the development is intended more for appearance's sake.

Dresdner Trommeltaube