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Friday, October 28, 2016

Bristish Show Racer Pigeons

bristish show racer - racing pigeons
The British Show Racer - only known this name - is a variety which originated in England, which was developed since the end of the 19th century. Varieties are classified as a vice Utility form pigeons type of pigeon races breeding groups are very advanced, after going through a long process, among others by a reputable breeder, Douglas McLeary. Despite this variety bears the name "racer", but in its development can never achieve the performance required for the type of pigeon racing (racing pigeon). Therefore, development is maintained only in terms of appearance.

british -english pigeons - show racer

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Old Austrian Tumbler ( Altösterreichischer Tümmler )

tubmler pigeons
Altösterreichischer Tümmler - Culbutant Autrichien ancien - Old Austrian Tumbler
The Old Austrian Tumbler - or also known by the names: Ancien Culbutant Autrichien, Altösterreichischer Tümmler, Vecchio Capitombolante Austriaco, Староавстрийский турман - is the oldest pigeon race from Austria, known since the 1600s. Varieties are classified into types tumbler pigeons is quite popular and widely kept, even in different countries in Europe, walaupu only on certain breeder-breeder. This variety has informed exceptional flying ability, although in terms of appearance is also very typical.
Culbutant Autrichien ancien

Monday, October 24, 2016

Briver Blackhead ( Téte noire de Brive )

Briver Schwarzkopf - french form pigeons
Briver Schwarzkopf  - Téte noire de Brive  -  Briver Blackhead
The Briver Blackhead - or also known by the names: Tete Noire de Brive, Briver Schwarzkopf, Testa Nera in Brive, Бриверский черноголовый - a variety that has long been developed, derived from Brive and vicinity (Francis). Varieties are classified into types Utility pigeons expressed as "Massenger pigeon". By default Francis, this variety was only recognized in 1978.
Briver Schwarzkopf

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Thurgau Crescent Pigeons ( Thurgauer Mehlfarbige )

Thurgauer Mehlfarbige
Thurgauer Mehlfarbige - Thurgovien couleur farine - Thurgau Crescent
Thurgau Crescent pigeons- or also known by the names: Thurgovien Couleur Farine, Thurgauer Mehlfarbige, Turgoviese Color Farina, Тургаусский Лунный - a variety that originated from Switzerland, including one of the ancient race developed in Oberthurgau (region Romanshorn), but not yet found a note since when it started its development (possibly in the 17th century or earlier). Varieties which are classified into types color pigeons is already very popular in his home country, has also been quite a lot bred in other countries in Europe. Have a good flight performance, and from the aspect of appearance is also quite interesting although it seems less varied.
Thurgovien couleur farine

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hungarian Beauty Homer ( Magyar Diszposta )

homer pigeons - racing pigeons
Ungarische Schautaube -  Voyageur Hongrois - Hungarian Beauty Homer -  Magyar Diszposta
The Hungarian Beauty Hrome - or also known by the names: Voyageur Hongrois, Ungarische Schönheitsbrieftaube, Viaggiatore Ungherese da Esposizione, Венгерский Гомера красоты - is a variety that comes from the southeastern region of Hungary, which was developed in the 1900s, especially in the city of Gyula Oroshaza and surrounding. Later known displayed in Germany in 1926 - which at first often confuse with the German Beauty Homer. Utility pigeons varieties belonging to this type, although it can fly well, but from the beginning it seems ditrend for appearance.

hungarian homer pigeons

giant hungarian homer pigeons